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Proteins are the workhorses of cells and serve as the catalyst for virtually every biochemical reaction that occurs in living things. Made up of specific combinations of amino acids, our hydrolyzed proteins provide impressive functional benefits for beauty and personal care. Our protein portfolio has proven efficacy while being gentle on skin and hair.

Amino Soy NPNF®

Amino Wheat NPNF®

Amino Kera NPNF®

Baobab Tein NPNF®

Anti-aging hair care through the legendary power of the Baobab

Barla Tein NPNF®

Maintain the natural balance in hair & skin

Colla Tein N35 NPNF®

Healthy Collagen for hair strength and resilience

Colla Tein N55 NPNF®

CollaPlant Z NPNF®

Vegetable alternative for animal collagen


Pollution-proof your hair

Hemp Tein Z NPNF®

Find your perfect hair and skin balance

Kera Tein Z 1000 SD

#1 Protein for hair care repair

Quinoa Pro NPNF®

Mari Coll NPNF®

Upcycled Ocean Dirivied Collagen

Milk Tein NPNF®

Proven Benefits for Nourished Hair & Enhanced Moisture for Softer Skin

Oat Tein NPNF®

Rice Tein NPNF®

Silk Tein NPNF®

Moisture binding for a smooth feel

Soy Tein NPNF®

Traditional legumes to transform your hair

Wheat Tein NPNF®

Protect & Revive Hair with the World’s Most Trusted Grain

KeraTein NPNF®

#1 Protein for hair care repair

Kera Tein V NPNF®

Amino Silk NPNF®

Deep moisturization for hair & skin

Amino Rice NPNF®

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